Moomin Nesting Dolls

Don’t you just love when you discover a new shop that sells unique Moomin merchandise? It’s already been a fabulous year for Moomin fans, thanks to all the special events and collaborations commemorating Tove Jansson’s centennial. But this is the first time I’ve seen Moomin nesting dolls and they were so cute I couldn’t resist purchasing them–they will soon be making their way around the globe to me!

moomin nesting_dolls

The little dröm store is based in Singapore (est. 2010) and sells creative knick knacks, often with a local flavour. They have a modest collection of Moomin merch here, all the basics to get a Moomin collector started.

moomin nesting-dolls-open

The dolls are made of plastic so perhaps $39SGD is a wee bit on the high side in terms of pricing, but they look like they’re quality made so hopefully we won’t be disappointed. I shall report back once they arrive so watch this space! Have you made any new Moomin discoveries? If so, let us know!

Update (1 Dec): The Moomin nesting dolls finally arrived from Singapore! I was surprised by how tiny they were–the largest doll is 11.5cm tall and the smallest is 5cm. I must have read centimetres as inches when I skimmed the product description. They’re so ickle! That said, they’re still adorable, although I would have liked a thicker paint on the dolls and a sturdier plastic.

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