All Things Fun Are Good For Your Tummy

Muumi Tea

Image from Nordqvist

In case you haven’t heard, Nordqvist has a new line of Moomin teas. The original flavoured black teas are lovely so I was looking forward to seeing what new tea they had in store for us. The new set of teas is all rooibos based. I do enjoy rooibos from time to time but when I saw the flavour line-up, I was a little skeptical. Strawberry milkshake seemed okay, but chocolate cake, banana and vanilla, and cheesecake flavours are not really my cup of tea.

All Things Fun Are Good For Your Tummy: Flavoured & Caffeine Free Rooibos

  • Me too: Rooibos with strawberry milkshake flavour
  • Ready to go?: Rooibos with banana and vanilla flavours
  • You’ll see: Rooibos with chocolate cake flavour
  • Tangy trick: Rooibos with cheesecake flavour

Best Moment Of The Day: Flavoured black tea

  • Sweetheart: Black tea with wild strawberry flavour
  • I should know: Black tea with lemon flavour
  • Go for it: Black tea with blueberry flavour
  • Moominmamma’s magic potion: black tea with rhubarb and strawberry flavours

I’m generally open to trying new flavours at least once but perhaps I’ll wait until we’re in Finland to give them a go. Have you tried the new Moomin teas? Did you enjoy them? Let us know!

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