ORBIS x Moomin

The Moomin collaborations seem to never end. I don’t now how I missed this when we were in Japan in February but ORBIS, a popular Japanese skincare line, have had a few limited edition Moomin skincare products out for about a year, including their bestselling cleansing oil, lip gloss, and hand lotion.

Orbis Moomin Limited Edition Cleansing Liquid

I had to scour the interwebs to see if I could get my hands on one of the limited edition bottles and was lucky to find the 380ml bottle on eBay (though sadly at a not so cute price). Their products are light and gentle, and good for all skin types. Of course, having Moomin on the packaging make them all the better for the soul. The hand lotion is the latest addition to the limited edition Moomin line.

Moomin Orbis Hand LotionLuckily me Pa is in Taiwan at the moment, where some of the other ORBIS products that sold out in Japan are still available, including this lovely (and spacious) Moomin makeup pouch. I’m always on the lookout for useful Moomin products and I love stumbling upon all these wonderful collaborations. What’s the latest Moomin collaboration you’ve seen?

Moomin Orbis Makeup Pouch

2 thoughts on “ORBIS x Moomin

    • ORBIS is a great skincare line and I think it was all the excitement around Tove Jansson’s centennial that brought on all these new collaborations. Moomin is loved all over the world,especially in Japan. 🙂

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