Moominworld At Last!

After many months of anticipation my biggest Moomin dream finally came true!  We finally made it to Finland in late June and crossed the bridge from Naantali to the island of Kailo.

You can definitely see Moominworld in a day, but we also wanted to explore the Turku archipelago so we hired a car and made Turku our base for a few nights. This allowed us to take a leisurely drive to Naantali and it was nice not being confined by a bus or train schedule. We were blessed with good weather the morning of our visit to Moominworld, but Finnish weather can be quite fickle (with more rain than usual this summer) and it started raining shortly after we left the park. So it may be wise to spend a few days in Turku to increase your chances of having a sunny day to explore.

We knew Moominworld wasn’t going to be anything flash (e.g. big Disney theme park), and it turned out to be even smaller than expected. That said, it was still as cute and charming as I’d imagined it to be. As far as theme parks go, everything was thoughtfully laid out to make parents’ lives easier and optimize the fun for little ones. It was almost relaxing in the sense that there were no loud screaming children (just excited well-behaved ones) and the absence of queues for the attractions was nice. I’d like to think that anyone that loves the Moomins is a good person, which is probably why Moominworld had such a great vibe to it. We especially loved the open access to nature paths and the sandy beach. And of course, I still hope to have a Moomin House of my own one day!

Not wanting to eat theme park food, we opted for lunch in Naantali, where there is another Moomin Shop and lots of lovely little restaurants and cafes along the harbour. I can’t end this with a sweeping statement like “no Moomin fan’s life is complete without a visit to Moominworld” as that would be overhyping the place. But if you’ve been Moomin-obsessed for as long as I have been, it’s a real treat. I’m so grateful to hubs for accompanying me on this Moomin pilgrimage and can now close this chapter of my life.

7 thoughts on “Moominworld At Last!

  1. Hi! Nice article! Do you know if anybody would be interested in 1950’s Moomin things, they are a new find, never been in market before, i don’t know any Moomin fan in UK. Now i have sold some in Finland and in Japan. Regards Katariina

      • Hi! I’m not Twitter user, only FB, but maybe I can make a Twitter account or use my mothers. You don’t use FB? Regards Katariina

      • Hi again, now i have Twitter, Moomtove100a is me. I put some pictures on my time frame. 🙂

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