Turku: Medieval Markets and Marathons

Our Finland adventure was comprised of two parts: Helsinki and the Turku archipelago. When we booked our stay at the Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, we had no idea there would be hundreds of athletes staying there with us in preparation for the Paavo Nurmi Marathon. The marathon is an annual occurrence in Turku, which we got stuck in when trying to leave our hotel. It didn’t take long for the roads to clear and it was fun watching all the runners speed past our car, but I thought it should be something to make note of when planning your visit to Turku in summer.

The Medieval Market in Turku is also an annual summer affair, and yet another event that we stumbled upon during our stay. Succulent pig roasting over an open fire, fried white fish and grilled salmon, candied apples (that staple of medieval Europe), roasted root vegetables and bottomless cups of mead. Perhaps not the most historically accurate medieval meal, but a wonderful spread to be found at any festival. There were crafts and souvenir stalls set up along the Aura River, and lots of friendly, creative folk dressed up in medieval fashion, dancing and singing what I am assuming were medieval-ish songs. Plenty of merriment to be had by all!


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