Helsinki in Pictures

Helsinki is a beautiful city and easy to explore, especially in summer when the days are long and every day is a good day for a picnic. There are so many things I loved about the city and Finland in general.

It’s easy to get around Helsinki without a car. The transport network of buses and trams is excellent, making it delightfully easy to navigate. We also loved how easy it was to travel by boat, whether to Helsinki Zoo on Korkeasaari, Suomenlinna, or Harakka (Magpie) island for a spot of bird watching. We were able to truly appreciate the ‘land of a thousand lakes’ thanks to the ace water transport system.

One evening we got caught in a downpour and instead of being stuck indoors, we decided to take advantage of the white night and explore Helsinki by bicycle (compliments of Scandic Paasi). It was magical. With few people or cars on the road, we felt like we had the entire city to ourselves.

I’ll always associate Finland with Moomin, Arabia, Marimekko, and Aarikka. But I am happy that I can now add some of our favourite Helsinki spots to the mix — Café Ursula, Kamppi Chapel, Hakaniemi Market and Café Regatta, to name a few. Oh and of course, we mustn’t forget the Finns. We’re so grateful to the many friendly people who helped make our Finland adventure special. Kiitos!


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