Cricket At Lord’s

There is no better place to experience your first cricket match than at Lord’s. The grounds are simply exquisite. If you’re lucky, the weather will be brilliant and you’ll have great seats in the Grand Stand at a T20 match. T20s are short and sweet and give you a taste of cricket without running the risk of cricket overload and being turned off forever.

What I like best about [the idea of] cricket are the grounds that the matches are played on, the overall atmosphere and the tasty food. Everyone is excited to see their team and people are usually quite tipsy and friendly. Our match was Middlesex v. Sussex. I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on but Monks had a blast and even got his photo displayed on the scoreboard! Middlesex (the team we were supporting) were doing awful, but apparently I thought they had done well.

G bought me a pink wig before the match started and although I didn’t get to try any of Jamie Oliver’s special items, hubs had a meat pie the size of a UFO. I really tried hard to understand the game. Although I don’t think I increased my knowledge of cricket I certainly enjoyed the experience (although G may not believe I did) and would love to go back for another T20 match if G is willing to take us again.

Monkey London Calling 2015.jpg

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