Wimbledon Schmimbledon

When we weren’t out playing tourist, we were glued to the telly watching Federer and Murray go head to head with some of the world’s best tennis players (as well as each other). Such exciting times those were!

We decided to visit Wimbledon on a rest day to avoid the crowds (and transportation hell). You could still feel the excitement in the air and the grounds really are spectacular. It was amazing to see how long the queue would have been had we attended a match. There’s actually a queue for the queue! And if you know me and hubs, we don’t do queues. Especially not after we’d barely survived the hottest day of the year with temperatures hitting 36.7C (98F).

Wimbledon is arguably still the most snobbish sporting institution in the world. Have you seen the folks at the All England Club? We’d be mistaken for hobos if we ever tried setting foot in the mere vicinity of the club on a ‘normal day’. I associate Wimbledon with impeccably manicured lawns, tradition, blazers, officials, rules, more rules, and exorbitantly priced strawberries (oh and there’s tennis, too). That said, we were surprised by how welcoming the Wimbledon staff were and they even invited us in to visit the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and take a few photos around the area.

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