Batch PDX

Ironically, it was a disappointing chocolate experience that led me on a mission to find the best chocolate created in Portland. If you know me, you would understand that I just couldn’t leave things on a bitter note — enter Batch PDX.


There are a lot of brands of chocolate to choose from, some of which masquerade as high-end chocolate with their fancy packaging and exorbitant prices. I’m all for pretty packaging but don’t label a chocolate with, e.g. “Earl Grey”, and not match the expectation that the chocolate will carry at least a hint of the bergamot flavoured tea in the chocolate. There’s nothing more disappointing than biting into a chocolate thinking it will have a nice balance of flavours and it ends up tasting like plain chocolate. I know it’s such a first-world thing to moan about, but it really does upset me when that happens!

But this is precisely what Batch PDX does well. Their Earl Grey truffle uses the necessary amount of bergamot to complement the chocolate. Something as delicate as tea can be easily lost in the richness of chocolate so it’s crucial for any tea-flavoured chocolate to have that balance. Batch PDX’s Orange Habanero truffle is another great example of a chocolate with perfectly balanced flavours. No ingredient overpowers the other, from the chocolate to orange essence, to the heat that slowly starts to form at the back of your tongue. I’ve had the privilege of trying almost all of their flavours and even the flavour combinations that I’m not usually keen on tasted good to me — now that’s the sign of a talented chocolatier.


Oh, and you must try both of Batch PDX’s award winning bars — think elevated and decadent relatives of their original inspirations. I love that the chocolates are not sickly sweet, which make them healthier, right? Other great things about Batch PDX is the fine attention to detail, the perfect size/cost ratio, and they’re not pretentious. Jeremy Karp, the creator of these fine bites of goodness is also an absolute delight to meet and he actually takes the time to understand his customers.

Some of my long-time favourites include La Maison du Chocolat, Hotel Chocolat, Prestat, Teuscher, and I’m now happy to add Batch PDX to the list.

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