Seattle’s Best Parks

We finally made it up to “The Emerald City” for a glorious extended weekend. The city is surrounded by lush green trees and massive lakes and reminded me a bit of summer in Helsinki. It’s one of the more beautiful cities in the United States, if not the most beautiful, that we’ve seen. I would describe it as San Francisco and Vancouver, BC morphed into one.

Seattle is home to over 6,000 acres of parks. Although we barely scratched the surface of said parks, here are some snaps of our favourites.

Gas Works Park

Featuring an old gas works plant that manufactured gas from coal and later converted to crude oil, Gas Works Park is a great spot for a picnic and stunning views of the city.

Kerry Park

Sitting opposite some million dollar homes, Kerry Park offers the best view of downtown Seattle on a clear day–allowing photographers to capture the Space Needle and Mt. Rainier in one frame. Apparently Mt. Rainier only shows itself 10% of the year so we were lucky to see it from all angles the entire weekend. One definitely gets great views at Kerry Park, but I kind of feel bad for the residents, as the neighbourhood is swarming with tourists any time the sun is out.

It’s not every day that the mystical and stunning Mt. Rainier makes an appearance. A great part of our trip consisted of us standing in awe of the mountain, which looked like it was suspended in air, almost like a backdrop on a television set. Similar to Mt. Fuji, knowing that we were in Seattle during one of the rare times Mt. Rainier was visible made it all the more special.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Another great park with stunning views. We appreciated that there were separate pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, which made for a much more relaxing walking experience. The attention to such detail really made Seattle stand out for us. Even the bike lanes throughout town seemed better designed than any other “bike-friendly” city.


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