Pike Place

If you know me, you know that I love markets–especially ones filled with heaps of tasty treats. London’s Borough Market and Rusty’s in Cairns are my all-time favourites. And now I’m happy to add Pike Place to the list. Monkey could not get enough of Pike Place so we actually visited the market twice in one weekend.I’m always in the mood for tea and crumpets so I was chuffed to find “The Crumpet Shop” near the main market. I wish I could rave about the crumpets, but they weren’t anything to write home about. The menu offered more of an American interpretation of crumpets and there were a lot of sandwich type toppings (ham, tomato, ricotta cheese, etc.). In the end I opted for one of the simpler crumpets on the menu: a toasted crumpet with butter and lemon curd.
Although it can get a bit touristy Pike Place is well worth a visit. We loved all the fresh produce and seafood and other small cafes and food stalls around Pike Place. We happily sampled fresh local and imported fruits, smoked meats, and had fresh scallop sashimi. There were also shops that sold tourist tat and some vintage shops on the lower level floors (which smelled a bit pongy), so it certainly is a market that has “something for everyone”.I’m drooling just looking at all the delicious fruit the market had to offer. The muscat grapes were delish and we also got some Washington grown cherries.I still miss my old fishmongers in Islington and was thus excited to see so many varieties of fresh fish and seafood on display. Have you visited Pike Place? Do you have a favourite market? 

1 thought on “Pike Place

  1. I love the Helsinki Market Square because of the fresh produce on offer. But the Old Market Hall is also lovely and historical. I loved Borough Market in London too! Pike Place looks great.

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