ISAK: Beautiful Happy Things

I’m obsessed with the Landsby line by ISAK. We came across the design in the form of beautiful lidded mugs in Iceland and I instantly fell in love. Somehow I forgot we had them until I found them one day whilst cleaning out the pantry. They ended up being the perfect size for making savoury steamed egg custards (chawanmushi).

Landsby Lidded MugsIn order to complete the collection (two years after the fact–I tried so hard to walk away but I just couldn’t), I had to source the Landsby small tray from a shop in Australia called Norsu. The small tray is made from sustainably forested Scandianvian birchwood, and I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s made by the same manufacturers that make the Moomin trays.

Landsby TrayI managed to find the Landsby breadboard from Blue Suntree and cannot wait to use it! You can also get the small tray from Blue Suntree but I didn’t realise this until I had already placed the order at Norsu. Doh!


A truly great design is timeless and always feels fresh, no matter how old and Landsby by ISAK is definitely one of them. For more about the designer behind ISAK, Sandra Isaksson, click here.

Scandinavian Christmas Market

I love Christmas markets, especially Scandinavian ones. There’s something especially Christmassy about tucking into hearty stews and sipping on a warming mug of Nordic glögg. Not to mention, all the Moomin memorabilia, Finnish beer and cinnamon buns to be had (as well as rye breads, gravadlax, Fazer chocolates and cloudberry jam).

The Scandinavian Christmas Market (Norwegian Christmas Fair and Finnish Christmas Fair), located on Albion Street outside the Finnish and Norwegian Churches in Rotherhithe, was on at the weekend from 21-23 November 2014G was kind to send some lovely photos so I didn’t feel left out.

Despite the dreary weather, there were a few hundred visitors. But according to the G, the market was just ‘okay’ and nothing to write home about. That said, I’d still like to check it out next time or even better, spend Christmas in Finland!

Moomin Nesting Dolls

Don’t you just love when you discover a new shop that sells unique Moomin merchandise? It’s already been a fabulous year for Moomin fans, thanks to all the special events and collaborations commemorating Tove Jansson’s centennial. But this is the first time I’ve seen Moomin nesting dolls and they were so cute I couldn’t resist purchasing them–they will soon be making their way around the globe to me!

moomin nesting_dolls

The little dröm store is based in Singapore (est. 2010) and sells creative knick knacks, often with a local flavour. They have a modest collection of Moomin merch here, all the basics to get a Moomin collector started.

moomin nesting-dolls-open

The dolls are made of plastic so perhaps $39SGD is a wee bit on the high side in terms of pricing, but they look like they’re quality made so hopefully we won’t be disappointed. I shall report back once they arrive so watch this space! Have you made any new Moomin discoveries? If so, let us know!

Update (1 Dec): The Moomin nesting dolls finally arrived from Singapore! I was surprised by how tiny they were–the largest doll is 11.5cm tall and the smallest is 5cm. I must have read centimetres as inches when I skimmed the product description. They’re so ickle! That said, they’re still adorable, although I would have liked a thicker paint on the dolls and a sturdier plastic.

Moomin Fabric by Quarter Report

I have long been a fan of textile designer Masaru Suzuki (鈴木マサル), especially his “Moomin Tribute Works” collection. You may also recall that he designed some lovely tunics this past summer for Uniqlo. I’m loving the new fabrics (but not the hefty price tag that comes with them), which you can purchase online here.

MoominTributeWorksI was also super excited to find that you can buy made-to-order aprons generally worn in winter, called kappougi (かっぽう着).

i-moomin-kappougi-mori-bl-1Product catalogues for all the Moomin fabrics, curtains, cushions, trays, etc. can be found at Quarter Report.

moomin cushionsMy wish is to one day have my own ‘Moomin cave’ (think ‘man-cave’), where I can hide on not-so-cheerful days or just to relax. I’d love to sew my own quilts and covers, but until I can guarantee that I won’t muck up the precious fabric I have been banned from purchasing any new pieces. Still, one can dream and it’s always nice to look!

moomin sofa

NFL International Series at Wembley

American Football has gained quite a large UK following in recent years and the NFL sure haven’t missed an opportunity to cash in on fans across the pond. Wembley Stadium has been home to the NFL International Series since 2007. The NFL was in London for three games this year, with the Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars match on Sunday, 9 November, 2014 being the final game for the year.

The match began with national anthems and a poppy memorial. The game on remembrance Sunday marked the centennial of the First World War. G was lucky to get tickets, which cost a small fortune. But since he’s a huge Dallas fan, I guess it was money well spent, and he got a nice seat right next to the press box!


Here’s a quick rundown of what you might expect to pay for a Sunday night NFL game in London:

  • £140 for the ticket
  • £75 #29 Murray jersey
  • £10 for programme
  • £4 for coke
  • £10 for coffee and burger

I was shocked by the cost of the ticket, but apparently it’s comparable to that of ticket prices for good seats in the US.

Although I have little to no interest in American Football (unless the San Francisco 49ers are playing the Baltimore Ravens in the Superbowl), I’m happy that G got a chance to see his favourite team in the flesh. Apparently, BoJo confirmed in 2013 that plans were underway to get a London NFL team. It might make for some interesting games in future if it actually goes through.

Moomin x Graniph

Graniph is a Japanese clothing brand that sells T-shirts and hoodies in fun and vibrant designs. With stores in Australia, Taiwan and throughout Japan, they also feature collaborations with various designers from around the world. Some recent artists include Herb LubalinAtsuhiko Misawa, and of course, Moomin

I own several Moomin x Graniph tees and my only suggestion would be to use a softer cotton for the tees (but not the tissue thin stuff). That said, the current tees are great and have minimal shrinkage. And I absolutely love my recent purchase: a longer length hoodie with buttons to keep your hood in place on those windy and rainy winter days–a nice modern twist on the traditional hooded jumper.

The Moomims Have A New Ride!

I’ve had my eye on a particular LEGO set for ages, and am so excited that I finally decided to get it for me birthday and build, build, build! The result? Moomin and friends have a new ride: the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van! The VW T1 set is suitable for ages 16+ (not to be confused with the mini set for ages 6+). The detail is just amazing — from the smooth turning rubber wheels to the intricate engine, and the adjustable windows and accessories. 1332 pieces seemed a bit daunting at first, but I was able to complete the base of the car while watching the World Cup Final.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My only criticism is that the top is a bit fragile (in fact, the entire car is) but I suppose it’s meant to be displayed in a civilised manner and not mashed about like you might a toy car.