Moomin Mania

I first blogged about my love for Moomin in The Wonderful World of Moomin. I thought it would be a one time thing, but I quickly realised that one post would not suffice. I have created this page to serve as a central location for all of my Moomin ramblings and other fun links. Click on the postcard below for all of my Moomin posts!

Click here for all of my Moomin posts!

More Moomin Links:

Moomin Product Gallery                                                                                                      This site serves as a showcase for retailers, press and agents to see a selection of all Moomin products that are available on the Nordic market. It’s also a great resource for Moomin collectors!

Moomin Oy
This is the official Moomin website. It has information on the history of Moomin, an introduction to the characters of Moominvalley, shops, and licensing.

Moomin Official Facebook Page
I recently came across the this page.  You will find the latest news about Moomins, published by the official owners, who are headquartered is in Helsinki, Finland.  

This is the official website for the Moomin theme park in Nantaali, Turku in Finland. I hope to soon make a trip to see it in the flesh!

Moominworld Shop
I’m yet to order from them, but again, I hope to visit the shop in person.

There are a lot of great rare finds here, new and used.  I prefer new items to used so I tend to purchase from the other shops I’ve listed in The Wonderful World of Moomin.

I buy all my Moomin books from Amazon UK or Amazon Japan.  Simply the best!

You can occasionally find Japan Moomin goods (mainly masking tape), but no official Moomin goods are sold here. I’ve seen some nice fabric and other handmade accessories.

5 thoughts on “Moomin Mania

  1. Thank you so much to visit my blog. And I saw you were in Iceland (I also want to visit there one day), and why you didn’t fly to Finland to go Moomin World?? 🙂

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