NFL International Series at Wembley

American Football has gained quite a large UK following in recent years and the NFL sure haven’t missed an opportunity to cash in on fans across the pond. Wembley Stadium has been home to the NFL International Series since 2007. The NFL was in London for three games this year, with the Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars match on Sunday, 9 November, 2014 being the final game for the year.

The match began with national anthems and a poppy memorial. The game on remembrance Sunday marked the centennial of the First World War. G was lucky to get tickets, which cost a small fortune. But since he’s a huge Dallas fan, I guess it was money well spent, and he got a nice seat right next to the press box!


Here’s a quick rundown of what you might expect to pay for a Sunday night NFL game in London:

  • £140 for the ticket
  • £75 #29 Murray jersey
  • £10 for programme
  • £4 for coke
  • £10 for coffee and burger

I was shocked by the cost of the ticket, but apparently it’s comparable to that of ticket prices for good seats in the US.

Although I have little to no interest in American Football (unless the San Francisco 49ers are playing the Baltimore Ravens in the Superbowl), I’m happy that G got a chance to see his favourite team in the flesh. Apparently, BoJo confirmed in 2013 that plans were underway to get a London NFL team. It might make for some interesting games in future if it actually goes through.