Viva la FIFA (Part 5)

The consolation of having multiple loyalties from living in several countries still does not take away the pain of watching your favourite teams “lose.”  A fellow tweeter reminded me that “it’s not about their final score but being proud of their performance.”  I must admit, however, I’m gutted that my top teams have all been ousted from a chance at the world cup title and all too early in the game!

Although not quite as bad as Team Le Sulk, I wish England had pulled it together to beat Germany.  Still, I should say well done England for making it to Stage 2. And let’s not forget the great performance Japan gave against Paraguay!  They’re a tough team to beat and I think Japan played well.

Having said all that, the games must go on and I’m sad that before we know it we’ll have to wait another 4 years for the world cup to come again.  Pigs may fly if Ghana emerge the champions, but I think I’ll still adopt them as my team to cheer for.  Realistically, I think Spain or Brazil will win the title.  Either way, the last few matches will be exciting to watch.

Viva la FIFA (Part 3)

The FIFA World Cup is now underway with its first match involving host country, South Africa, and Mexico in a Group A match-up in Johannesburg, resulting in a tied score of 1:1.  If you still haven’t picked a team to cheer for, there is still plenty of time!

I’ve come across another innovative look at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, this time a project by the World Development Movement (WDM).

Offering a fun and different way to look at more serious issues, visitors to the site can compare teams based on their social justice indicators.  The indicators include factors such as happiness index, carbon emissions per person, and women in government, etc.

The teams are given a mean score based on their ranking for each indicator and somehow unsurprisingly, the USA came in last.  This is due to the country scoring badly for its high carbon emissions, high military spending and high inequality.

South Africa is ranked 28 and oddly, Japan is ranked 14 even though it almost equals South Africa in low carbon emissions per person.

Of course this is all in good fun, but the site does offer a look at issues that I think inadvertently shape and form the spirit of each team (or perhaps more so, the supporters).  England is also ranked quite low, but it won’t stop me from supporting my No. 1 team!

Viva la FIFA

My dreams of becoming a star footie player were crushed at a young age.  Somehow I kept walking away from practice with mild concussions or accidentally kneeing the ball into people’s tummies.  Agility and coordination never found their way into my dictionary.

Hence, I was encouraged to try something less rigorous, like badminton.  As you can imagine, I was gutted.  No offense to badminton players but I was kind of embarrassed to have to take up a sport for…well, dorks.

Since then, I’ve had a secret love affair with footie and more specifically with the FIFA World Cup.  Hence, after years of anticipation I can’t wait to watch some of the world’s best players come head to head to claim the world cup title for their country. 32 teams, 1 winner.

Of course all the matches are worth watching, but England vs. USA (12 June) will be particularly exciting to see.  There is not a doubt in my mind that England will win this one unless a miracle happens.  Needless to say, I’m very sad that my plans to be in South Africa fell through, but you’ll see me sporting my England jersey quite a bit from June to July.  Viva la FIFA!