How To Avoid Extreme Parenting Fail

There’s no doubt that parenting is tough. It certainly isn’t for everyone. So you should definitely think long and hard about whether or not you’re ready before having a child. One question family planning counsellors may want to add to their list of questions is, ‘would you ever consider putting your child into a washing machine or dryer just for laughs or to punish it’? Forgive me for stating the obvious, but if the answer is yes, then the couple is not ready.

I’m dedicating this post to the author of a blog I follow, Fight Against Stupidity And Bureaucracy (FASAB), as I think the author might appreciate the utter lunacy (I think we’ve gone beyond stupidity here) that we’re about to see in the following video. These parents are either complete imbeciles or raving mad or both. Be forewarned that this silent clip contains disturbing content.