Moomin Fabric by Quarter Report

I have long been a fan of textile designer Masaru Suzuki (鈴木マサル), especially his “Moomin Tribute Works” collection. You may also recall that he designed some lovely tunics this past summer for Uniqlo. I’m loving the new fabrics (but not the hefty price tag that comes with them), which you can purchase online here.

MoominTributeWorksI was also super excited to find that you can buy made-to-order aprons generally worn in winter, called kappougi (かっぽう着).

i-moomin-kappougi-mori-bl-1Product catalogues for all the Moomin fabrics, curtains, cushions, trays, etc. can be found at Quarter Report.

moomin cushionsMy wish is to one day have my own ‘Moomin cave’ (think ‘man-cave’), where I can hide on not-so-cheerful days or just to relax. I’d love to sew my own quilts and covers, but until I can guarantee that I won’t muck up the precious fabric I have been banned from purchasing any new pieces. Still, one can dream and it’s always nice to look!

moomin sofa