ISAK: Beautiful Happy Things

I’m obsessed with the Landsby line by ISAK. We came across the design in the form of beautiful lidded mugs in Iceland and I instantly fell in love. Somehow I forgot we had them until I found them one day whilst cleaning out the pantry. They ended up being the perfect size for making savoury steamed egg custards (chawanmushi).

Landsby Lidded MugsIn order to complete the collection (two years after the fact–I tried so hard to walk away but I just couldn’t), I had to source the Landsby small tray from a shop in Australia called Norsu. The small tray is made from sustainably forested Scandianvian birchwood, and I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s made by the same manufacturers that make the Moomin trays.

Landsby TrayI managed to find the Landsby breadboard from Blue Suntree and cannot wait to use it! You can also get the small tray from Blue Suntree but I didn’t realise this until I had already placed the order at Norsu. Doh!


A truly great design is timeless and always feels fresh, no matter how old and Landsby by ISAK is definitely one of them. For more about the designer behind ISAK, Sandra Isaksson, click here.