Eric Pickles vs. Moominpappa

I’ve come into a bit of a disagreement with my friend N, who seems to think that Moominpappa is Eric Pickles’ twin brother!  Have you heard of anything more absurd? Eric Pickles bears no resemblance to Moominpappa. Just look at the photo that N presents to support his claim:

Moominpappa and Eric Pickles clearly look nothing alike!

They are neither fraternal nor identical, and therefore not like twins.  They may both be a bit rotund and wear hats but that’s where the similarities between Moominpappa and Eric Pickles end. Besides, Mr. Pickles is usually seen without a hat and Moominpappa always wears one.

On the other hand, Eric Pickles and Peter Griffin from popular American TV show, Family Guy, share more than a passing resemblance. Have a look below:

If you’re still not convinced, here’s another:

So, is Moominpappa Eric Pickles’ twin?  What do you think?