New Zealand

Lavender fields in South Island, New Zealand

Kia ora! New Zealand will always have a warm place in my heart.  Being our third and final destination for our honeymoon, we only had time to see South Island and felt incredibly rushed. This is definitely a country we hope to visit again some day and hopefully have a month to explore both North and South Island.

Here are some basic facts about the country:

  • New Zealand is a small country, which is about the size of Great Britain, the state of Colorado or Japan.  It has a population of only four million people so it’s gloriously uncrowded (not to mention, there seem to be more sheep than people on South Island).
  • New Zealand’s beautiful landscape includes vast looming mountain chains, steaming volcanoes, breath taking coastlines, deeply indented fiords and lush rainforests. It is no doubt a haven for nature lovers.
  • A temperate maritime climate with relatively small seasonal variation makes it an ideal year-round holiday destination. The average maximum temperature ranges from 20-30°C. North Island is sub-tropical and South Island is clean and brisk.

Feijoa juice with whitebait sammie and hot pork sammie for lunch. We were lucky to find any form of civilisation on our way to Fox Glacier! Hokitika, New Zealand.

Here is a collection of New Zealand related posts that will hopefully inspire your own visit to ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’.

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