Farewell, Margaret Thatcher

As you probably have heard by now, Margaret Thatcher, the first and only woman prime minister Britain has ever had died of a stroke on 8 April 2013.

Thatcher Compilation

Whether you loved or loathed her, there is no question that Baroness Thatcher shaped Britain as few others did. Even with nicknames like Iron Lady, the Milk Snatcher, and Attilla the Hen, Lady Thatcher served three consecutive terms in office. It’s obvious that most Britons did quite well during Thatcher’s years. But not all would agree, even if history has proved Thatcher to be right time and time again.

I let out a groan when I learned of Thatcher’s death, as I knew it would mean another excuse for people to riot. We’re not stupid. You may call it ‘celebrating’ but what kind of celebration involves trashing people’s shops and causing mayhem? I’m so fed up with yobs and rioters and senseless violence and general lack of respect that people have for each other and the place they live. I know we won’t find reason where there is none, but I can’t help but wonder what the point of all of this is. The poor lady is dead. What more could you want? Her legacy will live on, no matter how many riots you stage or how many bottles of booze you smash. So can we please just let her rest in peace?

I am willing to bet that half the young people that are out there on the streets ‘celebrating’ and plotting to sabotage Thatcher’s funeral next Wednesday know very little about Thatcher’s work and how she really helped save Britain.  As John Phelan rightly pointed out, there may be celebrations when Thatcher dies, “but the next day the revelers will wake up with headaches and Margaret Thatcher will still have crushed Arthur Scargill, will still have helped win the Cold War, and will still have shown the supposed inevitability of socialism to be the dimwitted sham it was. And those achievements will last longer than the hangovers.”

2 thoughts on “Farewell, Margaret Thatcher

    • As do I! Though for me, I hope I die in my sleep after a beautiful last meal. But boo, don’t want to think about that just yet! I hope our lives are both filled with many more good reads and much tastiness! 🙂

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